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How To Make A Simple DC Motor

By admin
Posted on 28 Oct, 2020
How To Make A Simple DC Motor

What you need?

  • 1.5 meter coated copper or binding wire
  • One 1.5v battery cell
  • Two safety pins
  • Two disk magnets
  • Insulation tape

How To Make A Simple DC Motor

How it works?

Electricity passes through the coil that is called the armature of the motor. This current induces a magnetic field in the coil, which explains why the coil spins.

Magnets have two poles, north and south.
Because the magnetic field created by the current in the wire is repelled by the magnets‘ field, the coil spins.

Try various sizes and shapes of the coil and have fun!


Wind copper wire (10-15 turns) around a battery cell as shown and make a coil.

Tie the coil with the loose end of the wire, as shown. This will hold the coil together.
Point the wires outwards from the coil.

Remove the insulation completely from one end of the coil.

Scrape the top, left and right (three sides only) off the other end.

Using the insulation tape, attach the safety pins to the battery cell, as shown.

Place the disk magnets at the side of the battery cell, as shown.

Place the coil between the loops of the safety pins and observe. You can also stick the magnet to the battery cell [between the safety pins) with the insulation tape.



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