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Sexiest Parts Of A Woman!

By admin
Posted on 5 Nov, 2020
Sexiest Parts Of A Woman!

It’s no secret that our breast, bum, tum and tights are jam-packed with sexual nerve endings – but have you ever wondered exactly why they drive men wild too?

They’re the bits that make a woman a woman – and that’s why they’re so appealing. Men’s bodies are boring compared to the waiting, curved nature of that roller-coaster figure.
This was just one of the sound bites Cosmo heard when we spoke about our fabulous four – our breasts, bums, legs and tums.

They’re alluring to men because they’re usually off-limits. There’s a massive sense of conquest for men when they broach these barriers they’re fascinated by the unknown. And while many of us may bemoan the fact that we’re either too wobbly or don’t have enough curves, everyone has an asset they should be happy to flaunt.

1. Your beautiful breasts

according to a German study, men who enjoy looking at breasts live up to five years longer.
(You may or may not want to tell your man that) Boobs are anthropological “signalling devices” that announce fertility hence the fact that female statues from ancient cultures sported fabulous breasts to signify plenty.

beautiful breasts

Breasts are sexy because they represent the sensual, nurturing side of femininity.
Legend has it that the bigger the breasts, the greater a woman’s sexual prowess. Boobs do not have to work hard to feel good, and are not charged – like the clitoris – with the job of producing an orgasm: in sexual terms they exist only to give and receive pleasure?

in tantric sex, men are advised to start at the breasts because the heart lies between them. Men should stimulate them in a spiral pattern, working from the outside in and then out again.
Get him to lick his fingers first – this warms them up and creates lubrication. When he reaches the nipples, he should use his palm to circle and vary the pressure. This is massively arousing. Sit astride him and show him how – look at him first, then look down at your breasts, then back to him. Men love to look but want authorization. Leading him with your eyes gives him permission to admire you.

2. Your brilliant bottom

A bottom is impossible to ignore. How it curves underneath in tight jeans particularly. It feels instinctive to touch it! Men are genetically programmed to look at women’s bottoms.

Your brilliant bottom

That’s right, before we walked upright, it was rounded buttocks that signaled ‘I AM READY FOR SEX! and research in this area always leads to the same conclusion – that males are instinctively attracted to a lower waist-to-hip ratio, aka booty.

Research in this area always leads to the same conclusion – that males are instinctively attracted to a lower waist-to-hip ratio, aka booty, And bottoms are more sensitive to play than you might think.

A really powerful arousal technique is slapping Not whacking with a paddle, but tapping non-stop For up to three minutes. Not only does it really stimulate but it actually releases endorphins and you’ll start to experience a high.

Another great technique is kneading. When you’re lying on your stomach, get him to slide the heels of his hands into the gluteal Fold and make like he’s kneading bread.

3. Your tasty tummy

The tummy holds our reproductive organs, so is an instinctively sexy place.
Get your lover to blow in a circle around your belly button. And as the passion builds, get him to massage your stomach. Deep, slow massage will leave you aroused lower down.

tasty tummy

4. Your luscious legs

Hidden throughout the Victorian era in order not to get men overexcited (you weren’t even allowed to say leg in polite company), legs have always tantalized men’s imaginations.
One reason For the attraction may be the Fact that our legs lengthen as we reach sexual maturity, hence high heels : longer legs.

luscious legs

Toned legs symbolize sexual power, They are the embodiment of Feminine strength when wrapped around a lover, and offer the promise of athletic sexual ability. Finally – and obviously perhaps – they lead to the vagina.

Tantra (a Hindu or Buddhist mystical or magical text, dating from the 7th century) divides the body into primary, secondary and tertiary arousal zones, and the leg has all three!
Moving to each zone in a certain order builds waves of arousal. Start with a secondary (the inner thigh), move to a primary (the genitals), then back to a secondary (the gluteal fold), then to a tertiary (the sole of the Foot or back of the knee), then a primary (the genitals).

Men, being often practical and linear, tend to start from one end and work to the other. That’s fine, but what really builds powerful anticipation For a woman is to circuit the zones. So get your man to mix up where his hands wander and you’ll Feel maximum pleasure.

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