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10 Rules of Dietiquette

By admin
Posted on 13 Oct, 2020
10 Rules of Dietiquette
  1. Don’t become a diet bore. Just remember, counting the days to your next bikini holiday is a heck of a lot more fun than counting calories.
  2. But if you do have to count, meet Jaffa Cakes – your new best friend.
    At 48 calories each, we’ll take two please.
  3. Don’t give up your social life – although clubbing followed by the mute home past anywhere selling chips is temptation tenfold.
  4. Get your man on board. Steamed broccoli will look less tempting next to his stuffed crust American Hot.
  5. Cutting your Food into tiny pieces may not burn off many extra calories. but it’ll take longer to eat, so you might feel Full before you finish.
  6. Keeping a food diary = good. But posting everything you eat on Instagram = bad Guaranteed un-friending!
  7. Beware following celebrity diets and expecting their results… unless you’ve booked their personal chef and trainer too.
  8. Take the stairs instead of the lift – unless you happen to work on the 19th floor and your boss doesn’t
    dig lateness.
  9. Pencil some time in your diary for exercise… and, yes, the Should Put A Ring On It routine does count.
  10. Watching The Bflggest Loser may make youfisel slimmer, but that doesn’t mean you can devour a whole tub of Phish Food while you view it.


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