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12 ways to hide defects on the wall

By admin
Posted on 8 Feb, 2021
12 ways to hide defects on the wall

Sometimes there are imperfections on the walls that you can not get rid of, but it does not mean that you can not fix it with a little taste and knowledge of design methods.

Do you have a wall that needs a little work? Stains that you can not get rid of but your heart does not want to be in front of your eyes?

Create an art collage

Wizards are aware of the power of misleading, as are designers. Instead of hiding an annoying thermostat, power switch or other unpleasant defects on the wall, you can combine them with an art gallery to divert the viewer’s attention from them to your paintings.
In this house, you can see that the power switch next to the door is still easily accessible, but it does not attract attention easily, because a set of panels are located right next to it. The power switch is easily combined with this gallery and there is no need to cover it.

Create an art collage to hide defects on the wall

Hang a work of art from the protrusion on the wall

A simpler and more artistic way to cover a thermostat or other tool protruding from the wall can be to hang a work of art from it, or hang it from a standard stand in such a way that it is an unpleasant nuisance on the wall. To cover.

Add a shop-style wardrobe

All kinds of shelves suitable for home with different sizes and clothes hangers and extra parts that you can use as you wish, especially the items that are often added to these shelves for more beauty. These shelves can immediately cover anything you want. At the same time, you have solved the local problem of keeping your clothes and covering your ugly wall.

Paint the walls in the style of a blackboard

If the wall is severely damaged or severely damaged, painting it with ordinary egg-colored skin will not help you much. More radiance after painting will highlight the imperfections on the wall. On the other hand, the matte color of the blackboard creates a non-shiny texture to remove stains, and writing a fun message on it will camouflage any damage and spill it on the wall.

You can use black as an effect for your bathroom

Blackboard color is not just for homes with children. It can be a great effect for other spaces, even a unique bathroom like the picture. These simple, hand-painted additions give the room a personal touch and give the wall a beautiful algae design without the need for wallpaper.

Hang the curtains

Need to hide something bigger or do you want to cover a window outside the center? Beautiful curtain fabrics can cover any imperfections on the wall from floor to ceiling, while providing a beautiful backdrop for sofas, beds or other home furnishings. Ignore the location of anything you want to hide, cover it with a curtain, and then re-arrange your room according to the curtain you hung.
Hanging curtains from one corner of the wall to the other is a very effective way to clean the wall completely. I used this strategy to correct the asymmetrical windows of my house. It may not matter to some, but it did drive me crazy. Now my wall has a new design and has become a beautiful feature for the room.

Explore your options for using a brickwork

Brick walls can be a matter of taste. For some people, they are an extremely beautiful texture for the walls that the clay walls are not comparable to them at all, and for others, an ugly view that can not be easily hidden. However, it can not be said that there is no way to hide them because there are many ways to deal with brick walls.

Cover the brick wall with white

A white coating turns red and brown bricks into a finer texture effect. Of course, you do not need to paint all the bricks completely: you can use a white shadow technique to neutralize the color of the bricks so that the original texture is preserved. Using specially designed products or paint mixed with water to make a thinner mixture allows you to paint the bricks several times to achieve the texture and effect you want.

Paint the bricks one by one

You can also take inspiration from the outside space and use a brush to paint one by one on the bricks and paint the bricks and stones as desired without disturbing the original texture. You can give your artwork a more antique design by creating space and get a better result. If you want to spend more time, you can paint the bricks one by one and only in the parts that have problems in an unusual way.

Use one color for the walls

Older homes and even newer homes often have rough walls, sloping ceilings, and other weaknesses. I usually use one color to paint the walls, ceiling and tidy up and make the lines between the surfaces less visible so that I can choose the parts that should attract attention and show the background with the least flaws.

Turn negatives into positives

Features like the power switch are essential for modern life, so hiding them is often better than being ashamed of them. Choosing an attractive cover can turn the power switch into a decorative piece and instead of being a nuisance to ruin the appearance of your beautiful wall, it can become a piece of jewelry that makes the view in front of your eyes beautiful.

Cover the air vent with a bookshelf or closet

If you have wall-mounted air conditioning or a wall-mounted heater, try placing a bookshelf or closet of the same color next to it instead of covering it. This will make the air vent less noticeable.

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