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What Masculine Style Makes Women Fall In Love?

By admin
Posted on 21 Jan, 2021
What Masculine Style Makes Women Fall In Love?

Some men like to dress in a way that impresses women, but how is that possible? If you want to know what style women like in men, read on…

What style do women like in men?

Although what attracts others to us is behavior and personality, the impact of appearance can not be ignored, especially in the first meeting. Therefore, in order to be able to influence those around us, we must also take care of our appearance.


You may think that prescription glasses can hide the charm of your face, but you are wrong. Incidentally, it is quite the opposite, and women see this accessory on the face of very attractive men. Of course, to say that prescription glasses can make you attractive and reduce your beauty at the same time, in fact, what matters is its model. So choose glasses that match the shape of your face.

casual glasses styles for men


Most men think that the coat is only suitable for formal occasions and business meetings, while you can also wear it for informal and friendly occasions and enjoy the impact you have on those around you. Men who wear coats are more attractive to women. In fact, the coat is a symbol of masculinity, strength and self-confidence, so do not ignore its effect on your appearance and wear a coat that fits your body perfectly.


When we are looking for a suitable dress for ourselves, we pay more attention to the model and color of that dress, while the material of the dress is also very important. Kashmir has a delicate, firm, light and delicate texture and the clothes made from it are of unparalleled quality. In addition, clothes made from Kashmir act as a strong insulator, so in the cold seasons of the year, they not only keep you away from the cold, but also sit nicely on your body and double your attractiveness. he does.

Pink Color

It is generally believed that pink is for women, but research has shown that men who wear this color are more attractive to women. In fact, wearing this color for men is a sign of their high self-confidence. If you look at Italian men who play the leading role in fashion, you will see that this color is very popular among them. They wear this color with other neutral colors.

A French study has also shown that men who wear pink are happier and more positive. Of course, you should be careful in choosing this color of clothes because not every pink tone is suitable for men. If you dare to wear this color, it is better to go for lighter shades of pink than its screaming tones.

Leather Jacket

One of the clothes that men must have in their wardrobe is a leather jacket. This dress style gives you a classic look, but what you need to keep in mind is to choose a quality leather jacket, even if you have to pay a lot for it, it is still worth having.

No matter how expensive and high quality the rest of your clothes are, as soon as you put on your leather jacket, you will change your style from side to side. The good thing about these coats is that they never go out of style and you can wear them for many years and enjoy the charm that gives you the look.

The Watch

Maybe before the age of 25, you did not care much about the model of the watch and only its use was important to you, but from an age onwards, you would like to pay for this accessory. Women also see the standard of men’s style in their watch, so you should pay more attention to this accessory. As you become more attractive due to the details of your appearance, you should look for a unique watch. This does not mean that you should choose a glamorous watch, on the contrary, research has shown that women are more interested in simple but luxurious watches.

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