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Sexy Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks!

By admin
Posted on 1 Oct, 2020
Sexy Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks!

They say beauty is all in the eyes, so here’s how to enhance your most magical assets

A recent scientific study found guys are most drawn to a woman if her eyes are shaded darker than the rest of her face. The theory goes that men are hardwired to seek out bigger. dramatic eyes as a sign of youth and Fertility. So, in the name of science, we made it our mission to uncover the secrets of bigger, more beautiful eyes. All it takes is some clever brush work and you’ll have red-hot seduction skills in the blink of an eye.

The eyeliner

“The beauty of eyeliner is that it makes even the smallest eyes look bigger”
Try this ‘three-product eye’ For easy, speedy sex appeal.
Swirl a purple eye shadow, such as Dior 1 Couleur in Purple Show, all over the lid and slightly underneath the lower lash-line so it encircles the eye.
Then, using a fine eyeliner brush, apply Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black lnk, From corner to   corner on the upper lashline, flicking it up at the outer edge. “Aim the brush at the roots of your lashes, not the skin, For a neater line and less wiggling.”

Pulling your eyelid taut with your other hand helps too. Now paint a second, slightly thinner stripe in your socket line, winging it outwards to mirror the first line. Finish with mascara top and bottom.

The smoky eye

For drama without the flaky fallout, go for luminous shades and steer clear of dark pencils. Start by prepping the eyelid with a little foundation, and then sweep Myface Blingtone in Crystalline Green, all over the lid to just beyond the crease. Now use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to swirl a darker green, like Prestige Shimmering Mineral Trio in Emerald, into the socket line, taking it to just below the brows. Blend slightly along the lower lashline and add two coats of black mascara. Keep lips nude with Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Libertine.

The smoky eye

The lashes

Long lashes separate the girls from the boys, so enhancing them is a classic man trap. “A simple trick is to curl your lashes every day, it makes eyes instantly prettier.”

clamp for a good 10 seconds to set  your curl, before or after mascara. and pop in a few individual falsies if you need a boost – not just on Saturday night. “don’t give up, you’ll get better each time!”

The lashes

Some cosmo hints: individual lashes are easier and look more natural; apply with tweezers while looking straight ahead in a mirror; don’t go near the inner corners, and don’t apply more than about five clusters each side.

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